More Than a Payments Shop

Budco has been a trusted distributor of consumable goods for over 50 years. As businesses move more and more to a digital environment – Budco is committed to making the best Financial Technology platforms available to its customers. Budco has engaged Run Payments as our Financial Technology platform. As an emerging payment processing solution, Run Payments gives us unparalleled insight, flexibility, and access –  making available everything your business needs to securely move money.

  • Merchant Services/Payment Processing
  • Banking as a Service (BaaS)
  • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)
  • Accounting Automation and Reconciliation (QuickBooks, MSD, etc.)
  • Oracle/SAP

As an independent consulting firm, we can access all available products, processors, and software in the market ensuring your business always has the best financial technology.

Consultative Approach

Our goal is to understand what your business payments acceptance needs are and recommend the best solutions available. Our hope is that those solutions are aligned with our network of partners. As an agnostic distributor of every major platform and provider available – we remain the constant as your business grows and pivots – we move with you.

Budco Pay is the most recent division of Budco committed to delivering the same level of service and product Budco customers have come to expect the last 50 years. Whether you are processing payments, providing merchant services, or looking for consultants to advise in those areas, we can help.

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