Budco Pay, a division of Budco, offers financial technology consulting to existing and new customers of all shapes and sizes.  Budco Pay’s chosen platform, Run Payments, provides unique, flexible payment solutions - merchant services in person, online, mobile, ACH, etc.  Budco Pay’s ability to move money simply and securely in both physical and digital environments allows business owners to focus on what matters most – their business.  Experience faster funding, cost savings, and the ability to seamlessly manage all your business payments needs through Budco Pay.

*Additional Budco brands include BudcoBank.com, BudcoCable.com

Yes! We support credit card payments and ACH for all business types allowing you to accept payments ranging from a one-time fee for product or service to recurring/installment plans and B2B transactions. 

No problem! We focus on integrated payments, which means we remove double entry and opportunity for error.  Integrated payments with your existing QuickBooks setup will streamline your processes saving time and money by communicating seamlessly in the background.  

Our focus on integrated payments means we connect software and payments to eliminate extra steps and pain points which commonly lead to errors and accounting nightmares.  We will look at your current workflow eliminating unnecessary steps and cost for a better experience for all.

Absolutely!  Not only do we provide compliant technology, but our solution is also validated by the PCI Council, which means less work for your business to stay secure. 

Signing up is simple - just use the button below to inquire and one of customer service associates will reach out to begin the process of analyzing your current rates and will provide an electronic application. Sign up here »

Merchant services, often labeled credit card processing, is the handling of electronic payment transactions. A merchant services provider simplifies the payments acceptance process, enabling merchants to expand their payment options, get their money more quickly and a number of other benefits.

Yes- all funds from credit/debit cards are deposited the next business day directly into your account of choice provided during the application process.  Funds from ACH transactions typically take 5-7 business days depending upon the bank.

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